Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (Credits: ChristophRoser at fourth industrial revolution beckons! Industry 4.0 is upon us with the use of technology to make processes more efficient while increasing productivity. Here are a few uses:

– collaborative use of machines, devices, sensors and people connected through the internet

– use of data analytics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Programming and Virtual Reality

The transition to the digital workplace depends on how well workers complement technical skillsets with adaptive and technological skills. Here are a few examples:

– Use of mechanical aids to ease physical aspect of work

– Access to real-time information through devices in sync with company’s systems and sensors feeding real-time data

– Notification of area that requires cleaning once litter crosses threshold

– Cloud computing, centralised networks and data analytics ensure that information will be readily available

– Efficient and timely allocation of resources

Worker 4.0

To be ready for Industry 4.0, the worker is expected to have or develop the following attributes:

1) Technical: job-specific knowledge and skills

2) Technological: knowledge and mastery of new digital system/programme

3) Adaptive: ability to leverage digital systems and use them to own advantage; ability to navigate and influence change and solve complex problems

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