Singapore Open Electricity Market (OEM) 24 Months Fixed Plans

As you may have noticed, the electricity supply market in Singapore has been privatised. The rollout will be in phases. With so many brands and so many promoters around, I am sure you’ll want to know what’s the best deal around. Quintessentially, the 24-month fixed rates provide the best value because: (1) Tariffs are on […]

Open Electricity Market – OHM Energy Fixed Plan

Have you heard about the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in Singapore? The second phase of districts for postal codes beginning with 58 – 78 has begun on 1st Nov 2018. In this post, we have zoomed in on the best fixed plan (CAA till 2359hrs of 1st Nov 2018). The current rate stands at 16.95¢ […]

Challenges Faced by Gig Economy

Here are a number of challenges posed by the gig economy and their corresponding countermeasures or solutions to address them: (i) Job insecurity – Gig workers are concerned about the long term beyond the contract expiry date. This is especially true for job-seeking mature PMETs who have known job security and company loyalty all their […]

Gig Economy for PMETs

The gig economy is gaining pace worldwide. A gig is essentially a shorter term job, unlike usual longer contracts of service. Gigs include short-term, casual and freelance jobs spanning across industries like fashion, transport, logistics, finance etc. In Singapore, the “primary” freelancers do so as their main job and include insurance agents, private-hire vehicle drivers, […]

Jaybird X3 Review and Firmware Update

The Jaybird X3 is an excellent pair of wireless sports earbuds. The sound signatures are great for this in-ear Bluetooth earphones with improved sweat resistance, fins, earbuds of different sizes and cord-shortening accessories. Test the set out (for fit and audio quality) at a local shop and monitor sites for great online deals. Side note: […]

Panasonic Lumix TZ90 / ZS70

YourPasar was in the market for a reliable camera for its travels and had quite a few choices, but the Panasonic TZ90 (aka ZS70 in certain countries) sealed the deal. Here are the pros that tipped the scale in favour of the 20.3 megapixel Panasonic TZ90: Portability: 322g (definitely lighter than most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras) […]

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (Credits: ChristophRoser at fourth industrial revolution beckons! Industry 4.0 is upon us with the use of technology to make processes more efficient while increasing productivity. Here are a few uses: – collaborative use of machines, devices, sensors and people connected through the internet – use of data analytics, Internet of Things, Machine […]

Swensen’s 1-For-1 (Mains) (Singapore)

Fancy some Fish & Chips at Swensen’s? Why not enjoy the 1-for-1 promotion for mains on WEEKDAYS from 10th to 28th Sep 2018? Simply download the Swensen’s app (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and flash this promo! * Fine print reads: valid for dine-in at all of Swensen’s Singapore outlets, excluding: (1) eve […]

Did you know that your Samsung Smart TV is being tracked?

We all love our TVs. I own a Samsung Smart TV and use it for local TV, Netflix, website browsing etc. But, did you know that your viewing history is being tracked by default? To prevent this, simply go to Home -> Settings -> Support -> Terms & Policy -> Viewing Information Services -> Uncheck […]

Seven Steps To Affordable Travel (from Singapore)

1) Shortlist dates Public holidays (remaining ones in 2018): 9th Aug; 22 Aug; 6 Nov; 25 Dec – Possible min. four-day long weekends with Friday or Mondays taken off 2) Shortlist travel destinations – Use Skyscanner to have a check on ticket prices from Singapore to everywhere in the world. – Prices vary due to […]