Challenges Faced by Gig Economy

Here are a number of challenges posed by the gig economy and their corresponding countermeasures or solutions to address them: (i) Job insecurity – Gig workers are concerned about the long term beyond the contract expiry date. This is especially true for job-seeking mature PMETs who have known job security and company loyalty all their […]

Gig Economy for PMETs

The gig economy is gaining pace worldwide. A gig is essentially a shorter term job, unlike usual longer contracts of service. Gigs include short-term, casual and freelance jobs spanning across industries like fashion, transport, logistics, finance etc. In Singapore, the “primary” freelancers do so as their main job and include insurance agents, private-hire vehicle drivers, […]

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (Credits: ChristophRoser at fourth industrial revolution beckons! Industry 4.0 is upon us with the use of technology to make processes more efficient while increasing productivity. Here are a few uses: – collaborative use of machines, devices, sensors and people connected through the internet – use of data analytics, Internet of Things, Machine […]

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