Seven Steps To Affordable Travel (from Singapore)

1) Shortlist dates Public holidays (remaining ones in 2018): 9th Aug; 22 Aug; 6 Nov; 25 Dec – Possible min. four-day long weekends with Friday or Mondays taken off 2) Shortlist travel destinations – Use Skyscanner to have a check on ticket prices from Singapore to everywhere in the world. – Prices vary due to […]

Popular travel destinations in Japan

Here are a few of the most popular travel destinations in Japan: 1) Tokyo Capital of Japan 2) Kyoto Ancient capital of Japan 3) Osaka C 4) Hokkaido Northern island

Travel Destination: Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan

That view and that reflection! Is it worth that side trip from Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka? 1) Time Typical journey takes at least 2.5 hours from either Tokyo or Kyoto because the trip entails travelling via at least one or more of the following: Shinkansen, Limited Express Train, local express buses, express bus from Tokyo, […]